Welcome to my world of tatting. I have designed these patterns for your own personal use. Please do not sell or reproduce my designs, or include my designs in a class without my permission.

You may make my designs and sell what you make. All that I ask is you give me credit for the design.

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Hearts Galore

Get the Patterns by clicking on the headings below. All patterns are in PDF format.
Spiraling Heart
Shimmering Clover Heart
Diamond Rio Heart
Victorian Diamond Heart
Heavenly Heart
Beaded Heavenly Heart

For this pattern you will need a lace insert. I found this one in 2006 at Michaels in a package with other buttons.
Lace Heart

Butterfly Hearts
Deana's Heart
Hearts Desire
Lace Petals
3 Hearts in My Lanyards

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Split Ring Flowering Fall Lanyard

This is a free style pattern 

I just finished my flowering fall Lanyard. It measures 31 inches long when finished. I started off with a small ring to hold the link and then I continued with flowers, butterflies leaves and chains in different combinations joining them to each other as I went along. There is no pattern it is just a free flowing piece as you wish it to be.
I used 2 shuttles with size 20 Lizbeth thread color # 121 and color # 683 for the chains and leaves.
The 1st ring is 8ds
The flowers, leaves and butter flies have 3-4-4-3
The chains are 8-8
The split rings are 7-7

Once I finished my flowering part, I proceeded into the split rings. When I felt it long enough I proceeded with the last part of flowering part and ended with a small ring of 8ds.

Here is a listing of my tatting patterns for your enjoyment

added 3/17/09
Princess Meagan Butterflyadded 3/17/09
St.Patrick's Day Shamrock
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My Summer Love Flower Ensemble won 1st place and Judges Choice at the SC State Fair in October 2007Summer Love Flower Design
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Orchid Design

PATTERNS FROM MY FLOWER GARDEN. This design won 1st place and most innovative design at the SC State Fair in October 2007
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